Feasting Posters


The Feasting table presented excerpts from primary sources from the Achaemenid to the Sasanian period. Several texts composed by Greek writers highlight banqueting practices and the distribution of food and wine at the Persian court. Other excerpts include Achaemenid administrative records and selections from the Sasanian court story Khusro and the Page (partly reproduced under Cosmopolitan Tastes). 

Left: Bowls of herbs provided by local herbalist Jila Misaghi

For the main display, herbal practitioner Jila Misaghi brought bowls of herbs mentioned in ancient Iranian texts and explained their usage in traditional medicine. Visitors were able to touch and smell some of the same herbs that would have been present in the courts of the Sasanian dynasty. Ancient historian Dr. Mira Green also staffed the table, providing her expertise in the use of food in daily life in the ancient world.

The posters below are free to download and use.