Daniel Waugh Archaeological Photographs

The Daniel Waugh Archive is provided courtesy of Daniel Waugh, Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Washington, Seattle. During the 1990s and 2000s, Professor Waugh traveled extensively through Europe and the Middle East, photographing museum collections and archaeological sites, including a long stint in Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey in 2010-2012 on a Mellon Emeritus grant. 

Professor Waugh's photographs of Islamic architecture have been featured by the digital Archnet gallery, maintained by MIT and the Aga Khan Documentation Center. His tireless quest for knowledge helped inspire the University of Washington's Ancient Iran Day project, and it is our distinct privilege to feature his photography here.

By clicking on the sections to the left, you can (virtually) explore major Iranian archeological sites and museum collections, many of which are difficult to visit for Western travelers. Selections include the refined metalwork of Lorestan, the majestic remains of Persepolis, and the Sasanian royal reliefs of western Iran.

Photos may be reproduced, unedited, with the following attribution: Courtesy of the Daniel Waugh Archive, University of Washington Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department, ancientirannelc.org.  Used with permission.